General Terms and Conditions                                

1.                   Agreement

1.1               Club Travel is provided by Pioneer Travel Services Limited (Travel Agent Licence No.350873).  As a customer of Club Travel, you will automatically become a member of our loyalty program The Club.  You agree that your use of Club Travel will be subject to the respective Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement of Club Travel and The Club:

a)                  Club Travel Terms and conditions

b)                  Terms and Conditions of Club HKT Limited

c)                   HKT Privacy Statement


1.2          References to "us", "we" and/or "our" in these General Terms and Conditions shall mean Pioneer Travel Services Limited.

2.            Services

2.1          Our services include (“Services”):

(a) any holidays, travel arrangement and accommodation Booking services which provide the facility for you to purchase by making a Booking for:

(i) travel-related goods and services offered by us to you from airlines, hotels and other third-party travel services providers (collectively referred to as “Travel Service Providers”); and

(ii) Packages of such travel-related goods and services as stated in 2.1 (a) (i).

 (b) payment processing, administration and/or ticketing services.

2.2          In addition to this Agreement, Travel Service Providers may impose their own terms and conditions in relation to their Travel Products (referred to as “Product Terms”) (for example, an airline's terms of carriage). Where applicable, you must read and agree to those Product Terms to complete your Booking. You should read the Product Terms specific to the applicable Travel Product before completing your Booking.

3.            Accuracy of Information & Advertising Prices

3.1          The information published on our Websites and/or the Club Catalogy may change from time to time. Changes can also occur after website content is published) – for example, hotels might withdraw facilities due to maintenance or bad weather, building work might start, or some services/activities might not be available at the start or end of the holiday season. If we’re made aware of any significant changes, we include updates on our website and Booking system so you’ll receive the latest information when you book.

3.2          All prices can change (up or down) at any time before a Booking is made. Prices on our web site and on our Booking system are updated daily. Mistakes or computer errors occasionally occur, so if any price on our Website or Booking system is obviously wrong, then any Booking made based on that price won’t be valid, and we’ll be entitled to cancel it and give you a full refund, unless you want to pay the correct price.

3.3          Unless otherwise provided, prices quoted are exclusive of any taxes, levies, surcharges and are subject to change at any time until full payment is received and tickets issued and we reserve the right to correct any pricing errors or omissions. Prices are per person unless otherwise stated.


4.                   Booking Payment and Changes

4.1          A Service Booking isn’t confirmed until we issue a confirmation of Booking. Some travel and accommodation arrangements are only available on an ‘on request’ basis and we can’t confirm these until we receive confirmation from our supplier. Any arrangements that are provisionally booked ‘on request’ are not confirmed or guaranteed and are subject to change (including price) until we receive confirmation from our supplier. This particularly applies when Booking holidays with flights on a scheduled airline a long time before departure, when seats haven’t yet been loaded onto reservations systems by the airline. It also applies to Bookings attempted online which are not immediately confirmed by us by email confirmation.


4.2          The person who instructs us to make the Booking, who completes the Booking online or by telephone is the ‘Booking Person’. He or she must be 18 years of age or over at the time of Booking.  The Booking Person is the person who is entering into the contract with us. By making a Booking, the Booking Person is agreeing to these terms and conditions. The Booking Person is the person responsible for payment of the total cost of the Booking, including any insurance premiums, and any cancellation or amendment charges that may be payable – even if any of the other people travelling on the Booking fail to pay their share of the price. The Booking Person agrees to provide all those who are named as passengers on the Booking with accurate and full information regarding the travel arrangements booked, including any changes made to those arrangements by us or the Booking Person, and confirms that all those named passengers, including any that may be added at a later date, agree to be named on the Booking and agree to be bound by these Booking conditions. When a Booking has been confirmed by us, only the Booking Person can cancel or amend the Booking for those Booking which allow cancellation or amendment.


4.3          You must make your payment on or before the payment due date as advised by us.  If you do not pay on time, we have the right to cancel your Booking and to retain or make cancellation charge in accordance with these terms and conditions.


4.4          If you have a special request for something that is not automatically part of your Booking (e.g. quiet room, low floor room, vegan meal on the flight, etc), please make the request at the time of Booking. We will pass your request on to the relevant supplier to ask if they can provide what you want. Special requests are not guaranteed to be met – even if we have made a note of your request to us. That just means we’ve received the request and have passed it on to the supplier. We will not pay compensation for failing to meet a special request. When you make a special request, you agree that any personal data you provide including sensitive personal data, has to be passed to the relevant supplier to fulfill that request, and you consent to this happening. Please see clause 14 (Privacy) for more information.


4.5               If you want to change your travel arrangements after issued of Confirmation of Booking before you travel, we will try to help but we cannot guarantee it will always be possible, because changes are subject to availability at the time and to the supplier’s terms and conditions. If we can make the change you ask for, you will have to pay for any additional services, facilities, or other items you request at the price which applies on the day the change is made. We may apply an amendment charge for each person on the Booking and for each items you want to change, such amendment charge will be provided by us from time to time (if any).


4.6               Tickets and other Services are 100% non-refundable.  This applies to all voluntary cancellations including but not limited to cancellations arising from a change in personal circumstances, such as the in ability to travel on medical ground.  However, in certain circumstances where the Booking can be cancelled, it may incur a cancellation charge of 100% regardless of the period of notification.  Fee and charges will apply when where a Booking is changed after issued of Confirmation of Booking.  Fees and charges will also apply when Tickets are re-issued.  If we incur any liability for a cancellation fee or charge for any Booking which you cancel, you agree to indemnify us for the amount of such fee or charge.

5                     Confirmation of Booking

5.1               Once you have booked with us, either via the Website or by phone, we will send you a confirmation email itinerary the email address you have provided to us when making the Booking. Please check the details on your confirmation of Booking and if anything does not appear to be right, you must contact us immediately.  We cannot accept any responsibility if we are not notified of any inaccuracies of any document within 7 days of issue.  We will do our best to rectify any inaccuracies notified outside these time limits.  However, you will be responsible for any costs and expenses involved in doing so except where we made the mistake.

6                     Payment by Credit Card

6.1               If, after making your Booking, your card payment is declined for any reason, we will cancel your Booking as soon as we become aware.


6.2               Please make sure that you have supplied us with the correct credit card billing information.  If you do not supply the correct credit billing address and/or cardholder information, the issue of your tickets may be delayed and the overall cost may increase.  We do reserve the right to cancel tickets after issue if payment is declined or if you have supplied incorrect credit card information. 

7         Travel Insurance

7.1          It is advisable to take out insurance suitable for your needs before you travel. 

7.2         The insurance services that we offer are arranged in conjunction with HKT Financial Services (IA) Limited, for details, please visit, who act as an independent insurance intermediary in Hong Kong and can source products from whole of market. It is advisable to review the product brochures and the terms and conditions relating to the insurance product you are considering purchasing before making any decision about whether to acquire the product. In addition, all insurance premiums are collected on behalf of HKTIA.

8.    Health

8.1          You must ensure that you are aware of any health requirements for your travel and ensure that you carry all necessary vaccination documentation. Please check with your local doctor or specialist vaccination clinic.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit to fly.

9.       Agency

9.1          We act as an agent only. We sell various travel-related products on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other Travel Service Providers, such as airlines, coach, rail and cruise line operators. Our obligation is to make travel Bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and Travel Service Providers. We have no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty or representation regarding their standard or fitness for purpose. All Bookings are made on your behalf subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these Travel Service Providers. If for any reason, any Travel Service Provider is unable to provide the services for which you have contracted your legal recourse or remedy lies against the provider and not with us.

10        Limitations of Liability

10.1        Our responsibility is to make arrangements for your Booking of our Services provided by relevant suppliers (such as flight seats only, hotel only etc.), but we do not have any responsibility for the operation of the Services. We have no liability to you for any dissatisfaction, loss of enjoyment, loss, injury or damage which results from your use of the Services. In addition, we have no liability to you which you book concided with the Services you have booked with us.  In the event that we have any liability to you, our liability shall be limited an amount equal to the total amount of payments received by us from you under each Booking.  We shall not be liable to you for any indirect, special, consequential, collateral, incidental or punitive damages including, without limitation, loss of business, revenue, profit, contracts, anticipated savings or goodwill, loss of use and all associated and incidental costs and expenses, whether or not we were or should have been aware of the possibility that such damage could occur.

11     Frequent Flyer

11.1        You are responsible for providing accurate details of your frequent flyer membership to our consultant in your Booking. Please check your frequent flyer program for the specific terms of your membership. We cannot guarantee that the Travel Service Provider will credit you with points to your frequent flyer program for your Booking.

12        Passports & Visas

12.1        It is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid passports, visas and re-entry permits which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility. All travelers must have a valid passport for international travel and many countries require at least six (6) months validity from the date of return and some countries require a machine-readable passport. If you need information regarding visa and other travel document requirements for your trip please let us know. We may be able to obtain the relevant visa requirements for you from external visa advisories. We do not warrant the accuracy of such information and accept no liability for any loss or damage which you may suffer in reliance on it.  

13                 Travel Documents

13.1        Travel Documents include (without limitation) airline tickets, hotel vouchers, tour vouchers or any other document (whether in electronic form or otherwise) used to confirm an arrangement with a Travel Service Provider. Travel Documents may be subject to certain conditions and/or restrictions including (without limitation) being non-refundable, non-date-changeable and subject to cancellation and/or amendment fees. All airline tickets must be issued in the name of the passport holder. An incorrect name on a Booking may result in an inability to use that Booking and the Booking being cancelled. Any errors in names, dates and timings on your Travel Documents will be your responsibility if not advised at the time of confirmation of Booking.

14        Privacy

14.1        We are committed to protecting your personal information. We may use and disclose any personal information collected by us about you in accordance with Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486 Laws of Hong Kong) and HKT Privacy Statement, available at .   We may also provide such personal information to Travel Service Providers as is required to complete your Booking.  

15.          General

15.1        Changes to these terms

We may amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the revised version of this Agreement to our Website. The amended Agreement will take effect from the time of posting on our Website.

15.2        Assignment

You must not novate or assign any of your rights under these General Terms and Conditions to a third party.

15.3        Third Party Rights

Save for our Affiliates, subsidiaries and holding companies, no other person or entity who is not a party to this Agreement has any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Chapter 623 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to enforce any terms and conditions and/ or benefit of this Agreement.

15.4        Governing Law

These terms are governed by the laws in force in Hong Kong. You irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong and courts of appeal from them for determining any dispute concerning these General Terms and Conditions.

15.5        Entire Agreement

These General Terms and Conditions constitute the entire Agreement between you and Pioneer Travel Services Limited in relation to use of our Services.


16.  Definitions

Affiliates             means any entity which directly or indirectly controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control with, a party, where control means control of at least 50% of the voting power of securities or interests in such entity.

Agreement         means the documents as referred to in clause 1.1 of these General Terms and Conditions.

Booking               means the process of reservation or purchase of any Travel Services from us.

Clubpoints          means the only currency which can be used by members of The Club to exchange for benefits of The Club and product/services of HKT Group.

Hong Kong          means Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

HKT Group          means HKT Limited and its subsidiaries.

Package               means any two or more Travel Services which we conduct Booking on your behalf.

PCCW Group     means PCCW Limited and its subsidiaries.

Product Terms means the additional terms and conditions referred to in clause 2.2 of these General Terms and Conditions and as applicable to the Travel Services as provided by each Travel Service Provider, subject to change by each Travel Service Provider from time to time without prior notice.

The Club              means a loyalty program operated by Club HKT Limited (a subsidiary of HKT Limited) governed by its terms and conditions:

Travel Documents means the documents as referred to in clause 17 of these General Terms and Conditions.

Travel Services include but not limited to airline tickets, hotel accommodation and or any tour operators.

Travel Service Providers means any airlines, hotels or any third party travel service providers we engage with from time to time.

Website              means The Club’s redemption website, Club Travel’s website, mobile application or any other websites or online channels providing our Services and as nominated by us from time to time.